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Friday, 24 December 2010

Retribution DPS in Cataclysm

Admittedly my gear is not the best at the moment but still an average item level of 341 is ok. My guild are currently working on getting heroic instances on farm before deciding to half heartedly attempt any raids. This is a decent idea as we are a casual raiding guild and dont really care about server firsts etc or wiping 25 times on a boss due to being undergeared.

The current state of Ret DPS is a curious one. Its very procc based and has a long ramp up time due to really needing to use Inquisition at 3 charges. This means unless you get a Hand of Light proc at the start its fairly difficult to get rapid damage going from the off. With Inquisition up, its then down to using Crusader Strike + Filler + CS + Filler whilst watching for Art of War procs which are a substantial part of our damage when inquisition is at full. Add in Zealotry and Avenging Wrath leaving us with a clunky, sometimes clashy feeling DPS "priority". Obviously this is my feeling and maybe people feel different about the new(ish) system.

EJ's and Khor go into this more and maybe theorycraft a reasoning and a near rotation for this but im no theorycrafter and will never be.

Enjoy your Christmas Eve guys, hope youve been nice this year.

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