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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Inscription and the 30k gamble

If you read my blog often you will know that i'm always partial to a gamble/experiment. My next one is a biggy, Darkmoon Cards!! Seeing although its 3 weeks til the next faire hits I decided to see how many decks I could get together.

Trade your JP and HP

Morning guys,

I have a bigger post coming later on but I wanted to get something up about the change incoming.

  • The Honor Commodities and Justice Commodities Vendors now sell raw tradeskill materials. These are not intended to be a cost-effective source of these materials, but an option for players with lots of Justice or Honor Points who have already purchased all of the gear that interests them.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Cheap as chips!!

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Cheapo scrolls you might not be selling:

Thursday, 13 January 2011

PEGI 12 and over ................... oh thats IQ you mean.

Sometimes World of Warcraft tests your wits, skills and reactions and sometimes it plainly doesn't.

Welcome to Blizzards new Staff and PTR screening system: Durability Under Mind Body And Soul Stress! or more commonly known as "DUMBASS".

Flask Master AH results

If you saw my post from yesterday Writers Block and Flask Master then you will know how expensive it has become to make flasks since Cataclysm hit. This said the flasks are selling really quick.

I logged in last night and picked up my mail on my Alchemist from which I did the test yesterday and all flasks had sold. Admittedly this is Wednesday night, probably THE main raiding night of the week.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Writers Block and Flask Master

I like to post my own material so when writer's block hits it makes it harder and trying to post things that haven't already been mentioned is nigh on impossible. I really do not want to get into the habit of  re-posting other peoples posts... linking yes, re-posting no.

Anyway onto todays post.

Alchemy - Using your Elixir Master or not

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Spreading myself too thin

I recieved a comment from Taze yesterday which kind of got me thinking.

If you buy tons of ore on the regular, I would consider moving as much inventory as possible. Therefore, making sure you have 2 of each cut you have and begin selling raw and cut of meta and blue gems.

Some people say that certain gems sell more so they only make those gems, when in fact, they are limiting their market. As long as ore is available, you can push as many products out as much as possible, increasing your income opportunity.

Thanks for the post. /cheers 

Monday, 10 January 2011

Go PvP to earn gold from JC

Dont forget guys, this is my server that normally has around 45k auctions up at any one time. If we are being honest the bottom has already fallen out of the normal Rare Gem Jewelcrafting market. Inferno Ruby's are the only ones holding their own but still only hovering around 120g each for Bold and Brilliant cuts.

The PvP gems on the otherhand are mostly worth more than their PvE counterparts. The following screenies show the current gem prices on my server.

Poll Results

Last week I asked "What is the most expensive Profession to level?".

Here are the results:

Alchemy                  0%
Blacksmithing          16%
Enchanting              35%
Engineering             19%
Inscription                3%
Jewelcrafting            10%
Leatherworking          5%
Tailoring                  10%

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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Elementium Ore and my 24* hour Project

It was a slow evening on Friday so I thought I'd give my self something to do. At around 7pm I bought up 25 stacks of Elementium Ore to prospect. The stacks cost me 85g each so that was 2,125g invested in the ores. My plan to was to experiment and see how much I could make out of these 25 stacks upto 0:01 on Sunday. Not exactly 24 Hours but with sleeping inbetween I thought I would cut myself some slack.