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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Writers Block and Flask Master

I like to post my own material so when writer's block hits it makes it harder and trying to post things that haven't already been mentioned is nigh on impossible. I really do not want to get into the habit of  re-posting other peoples posts... linking yes, re-posting no.

Anyway onto todays post.

Alchemy - Using your Elixir Master or not

I am always trying different things. This time it was the turn of flasks to be in my spotlight and as always, server prices dictate the following post. All materials were purchased from the AH. That means no farming involved.

I wanted to craft some flasks, firstly for the guild and secondly to sell to see how the prices of Herbs to Flasks was/is.

The first flask on my list was 5 x Flask of Steelskin for all you meatshields.
  • Twilight Jasmine x 60 @ 8g each
  • Cinderbloom x 60 @ 3g each
  • Volatile Life x 30 @ 6g each
Total mats cost for 5 flasks = 840g or 168 per flask. Thank god for proccs, actual Flasks created 8 so ca. 105g per flask. Flask of Steelskin currently sell for between 150g - 190g. So, depending on when you list them you can still make a few gold.

Mark - 6/10

Next on the agenda is 5 x Flask of Flowing Water for all you healers.
  • Stormvine x 60 @ 4g75s each
  • Heartblossom x 60 @ 12g each
  • Volatile Life x 30 @ 6g each
Total mats cost for 5 flasks = 1,185g or 237g per flask. Actual flasks created "6" so 197g per flask. Ouch, Flask of Flowing Water goes for between 195g - 240g so not so much profit there for us.

Mark 4/10

Ran out of gold at this point on my Alchemist so had to log over to send some, best laid plans as the saying goes.

Next up, being 3k richer and 5 x Flask of Draconic Mind, the mighty caster flask of Cataclysm.
  • Azshara's Veil x 60 @ 9g40s
  • Twilight Jasmine x 60 @ 9g24 each(damn)
  • Volatile Life x 30 @ 6g each
Total mats cost for 5 flasks = 1,298g or 259g per flask. Actual flasks created "5" big fat zero proccs. Flask of Draconic Mind sells for between 260g - 300g so again nothing in this for us.

Mark 3/10

Next up would be Flask of  Flask of Titanic Strength for the Plate wearers but according to my Beancounter and the AH, prices range from 100g - 154g and are currently up for 124g each. At the moment each flask would cost:
  • Cinderbloom x 12 @ 3g = 36g
  • Whiptail x 12 @ 6g75s = 81g
  • Volatile Life @ 6g = 30g
Total Cost per flask = 147g, yikes that 23g over what they are currently selling for and unless you procc a fair few flasks this not worth making.

Mark 2/10

Last up is the Flask of the Winds for all you Rogues, Shammies and Hunters.
  • Azshara's Veil x 60 @ 10g (see below)
  • Whiptail x 60 @ 7g35s (damn AH moves so quick)
  • Volatile Life x 30 @ 9g (see above)
Total cost for 5 flasks =  1,308g or 261g per flask. Acutal flasks created, tada "5" again no proccs. Current prices for Flask of the Winds are between 180g - 210g. Big loss here by far and away the worst flask to make.

Mark 1/10

My conclusion will be a long winded affair talking about the pros and cons of being an Elixir Master.............. infact, bugger that. The simple conclusion is this one:


I forget to mention that in the new patch the mats are being changed :
Also, all flasks had their reagents requirements changed and now requires 8 Volatile Life (up from 6) and 8 of each Herb (down from 12)
I'm not too sure what kind of impact this will have, it could make the flasks cheaper still on the AH so good for consumers but the herb prices are going to stay the same so flasks will still be more expensive to make than they cost (without proccs).


  1. Ouch! I had a quick look at these on my server today - whiptail is still over 10g each, twilight jasmine 12-15g each & I've not seen any Cinderbloom for 3g at all yet! But for some reason, the flask prices on my server are similar to yours so my profits (haha!) would be even less :(

    So glad I changed to transmute 2 weeks ago, that's for sure!

  2. I wanted to add that a proper test would be over 100's of flasks but thats not a test I would risk or be willing to take in the current market.

    The proc rate seems to be very low. So unless your farming mats and selling flasks there is no real way to make gold out of these at the moment.

    I read stories of people getting 5 truegold bar procs :-/ with transmutation master, why cant I be that guy or gal :D

  3. Even farming mats doesn't guarantee profit, given how spotty the spawns are after the node respawn nerfs.

    I have been watching the flask market too; hopefully the decreased mats requirements and more people getting into raiding will pick things up a bit.

    One option I have been toying around is leveling a second alchemist to handle flask/elixir mastery; my current alchemist is doing xmute mastery. Of course, the cheaper/quicker route is just switch from one to another for 150g at the trainer.....

  4. And farming is never free ofc, the time spent could've been spend AH farming or spending your time more wisely for more gold.

    "I have been watching the flask market too; hopefully the decreased mats requirements and more people getting into raiding will pick things up a bit."

    Hope so mate, not holding out much hope at the moment but you never know.