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Friday, 14 January 2011

Cheap as chips!!

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Cheapo scrolls you might not be selling:

These are definately items that you need to sell alot of to make a chunk of gold but I would rather sell 100 of these for 20g profit each than 1 x Avalanche for 400g as most of these have minimal materials cost and are fairly easy to shift.

On my server the current material prices are:

I guess the reason why Titanweave scrolls are selling like mad is due to the armor stat not being as good as it was in Wrath. +16 dodge is still an insignificant figure but maybe it sims out better than the armor. Speak to someone at EJ's not me. *puzzled face*

My Beancounter is showing Enchant Gloves -  Mastery at ca. 25g each whilst the prices have been higher on the AH. The others are self explanatory and sell well for the cost of the mats. Do not expect massive 100g profits from single scrolls but a steady income.

Do not do this:

No idea how it came to this to be honest, 2g - 4g for decent enchants. The only explanation is folks levelling up I suppose but it still hurts me to see the scroll being sold for 2g when the materials are worth over 50g.

I swore I wasn't going to do anymore Enchanting when I posted Spreading myself too thin but I just can't stop myself trying new things and tactics. 

On a side note I finally passed 300k liquid (to steal the term from WoW Confidential) gold, so yay me \o/.


  1. Buy some of those mega cheap scrolls now & relist them much later when everything has settled down. It broke my heart to make 5 scrolls for points, then see others had posted them at anywhere between 2g-10g.

    Gratz on your 300k :D

  2. Congrats on your 300K!

    Nev hit a great point. Two weeks ago, Earthen Vitality was down to 2.5g per scroll, and with all the Enchanting competition, I picked up 60+ of these all under 5g. They have been a consistant seller for me for around 30ish gold since. Now thats not a ton of profit, but every bit counts.

    Keep an eye out for the cheap enchants, as we are now starting the "second" month since Cata release, and the scrolls will start inching their way back and by the end of January, they should settle to a "normal" rate.

    As an enchanter (really any prof should follow this rule), DO NOT SELL ANYTHING for less than it costs to make. Even if you aren't sitting on alot of "liquid" gold, toss them in your bank until the market subsides. If the seller(s) that I mentioned above would have waited till now, they would be making an extra 30g per enchant instead of me doing so.

    Great post, btw. Keep rocking! And yes, I am following. =)

    ALTOs Gold"ish" Advice- The Worst WoW Blog Ever!

  3. Solid, good advice guys and I did buy a fair few whilst writing the article and banked them.

    @Nev, pains me to see that on the AH.

    @Alto, I guess id better put the "better" scrolls on the snatch list. Good rule aswell, never sell anything for less than it costs to make.

    I hope the prices pick up across the board, everything is a bit mental at the moment :D

  4. Yeah enchanting is F*cked right now. Mats are getting cheaper by the day, but there's so many people leveling it on my realm that the mats are 10x more than most of the enchants, with a few exceptions. I'm making a killing selling mighty agility to 2H weapons right now. About 350G for the mats and 760-780 for the enchant with only a couple of competitors. I didn't bother selling any of my enchants I made leveling up, so I have a bank full of them for when the prices (hopefully) go up.