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Warcraft Corner

Thursday, 13 January 2011

PEGI 12 and over ................... oh thats IQ you mean.

Sometimes World of Warcraft tests your wits, skills and reactions and sometimes it plainly doesn't.

Welcome to Blizzards new Staff and PTR screening system: Durability Under Mind Body And Soul Stress! or more commonly known as "DUMBASS".

Answered them all correctly? You got the job :D

Reason why I am posting this now is because I forgot about it when I levelled my other toons. All 3 went through Vash'jir with one coming back to Hjyal to complete Loremaster of Cataclysm. The druid is my old main so when i saw this quest I had to write something about it, that and most guildies saying "Is that taking the mickey?". I guess it kinda is.


  1. Related story: not long after release a RL friend of mine whispered me about this quest asking if it bugged for me too. I said "no, what's the bug?" He explained that even though he was giving the right answers it kept killing him. I told him to restart the quest, and just make sure he was answering fast as I didn't know if there was a timer or anything. A while later he said "it's killed me three times now, maybe I'm not typing fast enough?" ... ... loled very hard, imagining all the people standing around him watching him /s yes /s no /s yes /no *dies*.

  2. I laughed at that, I love stories like that. Bet he was embarassed :P