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Friday, 31 December 2010

Volatile Fire farming spot!

After speaking with Cold I decided to participate in this months "Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival" on the subject of:

"What is one of your favorite farming spots in Cataclsym?"

Currently I have only one thing that is worth farming and that is Volatile Fire Most professions require this and theres only a few places to farm it.


These are the four spawn points for the Lava Pools in the Throne of Flame in Mount Hjyal. The competition here is sometimes fierce due to it being a Level 80 zone and also in flying distance of Orgrimmar. After you have fished the lava pools you can either kill Magma Giants if your level 82+ or go do some more fishing/herbing/mining in the 12-15 mins it takes for the pools to respawn.


As with Hyjal there are four spawn points but the competition is less fierce here due to it being a Level 85 zone. Take you respective portal from your major city and you are there in three minutes or so. As with Hyjal once your finished with the pools you can kill the Enslaved Infernos which have a (according to Wowhead) a 14% chance to drop a few Volatile Fires.


The pools each take 12-15 minutes to respawn. From each pool fished the yield of Volatile Fire is 3-8, add to this the amount recieved from kills and the farm rate is relatively high. I reported being able to farm ca. 100 in a hour or so worth of fishing and dispatching mobs.

If you have some Potion of Treasure Finding handy then by all means drink away. A chance to get a Tiny Treasure Chest containing gold, a few Embersilk Cloth and you've guessed it, a sometimes random amount and type of a Volatile. 

If we say the spawn rate is a generous 4 times an hour then the minimum yield from fishing alone should be around 50 x Volatile Fire. Now check your own server prices but, on mine, as I have already stated in  Day after the deed! the "lowest" they have been is 20g so that means a nice easy 1,000g minimum for this and more if you are using them for Professions as I have been doing.

Check out my running Blacksmith progress starting with Profession change!! Now, where did my gold go? to see how to make some gold out of Blacksmithing.

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Smudger out *salutes*


  1. Thanks for the maps. I will give this a try, especially since I have a toon who will be entering Twilight Highlands soon.

  2. No problem mate, I use it in conjuction with my PvP BS gear. Makes it very cheap to make the sets to sell for a nice profit.

  3. Hi,

    just a simple (noob?) question, but do you need a certain fishing skill to be able to fish these up?


  4. No fishing skill needed anymore. Knock yourself out.