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Friday, 25 February 2011

*Update* DMC: Cards

I'm back with a DMC update post. I hope everyone is ok and enjoyingwhatever it is you are doing ingame.

The last few posts regarding this subject were a few weeks ago. Unfortunately on my server the cards have dropped in price to way lower than I predicted. The only card holding its own is Tsunami which is around 25,000g - 30,000g on my server. The rest are:
These prices are extremely low and this means my investment to make 7 decks as seen in the posts:
I have managed to move on 3 decks up to now. 2 x Volcano @ 18,000g and 16,000g and 1 x Hurricane @ 16,000g putting me around 10,000g in profit taking into the acount the extra card sales.

The remaining decks are:
I still believe that the sales of the cards will make me double money but for the time invested its a borderline worthwhile project.

I will keep you guys updated over the next week before the Faire rolls into town and buggers up the prices altogether.