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Friday, 28 January 2011

Inscription Gamble final update before Faire

If you haven't read the last two posts regarding this project then I suggest having a quick read through them.

That should get you upto speed. So my 30k turned into roughly 40k spent but that netted me:
plus spare cards:
1 x Earthquake Deck on AH and 1 inc, read below

Whilst writing this (bonus of a live blog) I managed to pick up the remaining 6 Stones cards for the Earthquake Deck for 3,500g. Looked like a deal to me.

My total outlay for this project is for arguements sake 45,000g. For that 45,000g I have 7 full decks and 5 spare cards which I can attempt to sell or trade to get another deck. Lets put the spare cards to one side for the rest of the post.

The cost price of a deck currently is ca. 6,500g per deck. That is awesome if I do say so myself. Wheeler dealing, trading, selling high demand cards then trading lower ones to get them back have brought the price per deck tumbling down to a very low initial outlay. However, for this sort of investment we should be expecting a decent amount of profit back. The minimum I would accept at the stage is 3 x my investment. This puts every deck at a value of roughly 20,000g. With the assortment of decks I have I think this price is very modest.

As with anything its all server dependant, I roll on a high population server which undercuts frequently and sometimes downright idiotically. I can see this project taking to at least one week after the Faire has gone to show its true colours and hopefully bear fruition.

Thats all for this time, if anything changes I will update again but I think it will be after the Faire now. Keep you mincers on this project its about to get very interesting as we get down to the business end.

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  1. Well mate good luck and we will see how it goes