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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Auction House Junkies or just junk.....

Extreme title I know, sorry Cold and Wes but it got you all to look didn't it. Personally I really like the podcast and I dont think I'm alone. Once the guys get into it we will start to see more diversity which is great to look forward to.

Cold loves his fortune cards and its no surprise why, heck, 35k in a night from barking and selling those bad boys. One critism is that probably alot of AHJ listeners will not have a Scribe character causing them to turn off or do a dreaded fast forward. Too much focus on this way of gold making made the 1st episode of the podcast seem a bit linear when infact it was far from it. As soon as the words "selling mysterious fortune cards" was mentioned at the start of the 2nd episode I cringed but it was only a quick foray into them and then the podcast shuffled (no pun intended) on at a really good pace covering amongst other thing jewelcrafting, shuffles, enchanting.

Lets diversify guys, get some more professions in there. I would like to hear what is/was trending on Wes and Cold's server's that week and maybe a quick overview of the topics to be covered in the coming  episode. The Enchanted Thorium Blades tip was brilliant, these little nuggets, like the fortune cards to a certain degree are the topics that will seperate Auction House Junkies from any other gold making podcast that is already casting or wanting to cast in the future.

The sound quality of the cast is very good and after my initial problems trying to listen to it I found today that the imbedded player was working fine, computers are strange beasts sometimes. As the 1st episode was too focused on the Fortune Cards, the 2nd (after the first few minutes) in comparison, was diverse enough to keep all parties interested. This is a step in a relatively new direction for the two guys, so give them the support they deserve and we can all learn alot along the way.

Thumbs up from me and with some time this project will become synonymous with gold related podcasting.

If you have not already checked them out, do it now at Auction House Junkies.


  1. Thanks man!

    As you said, we are new. We are still growing and learning each and every episode.

    As far as diversifying, we dont want to have to hit every profession in every episode as we pride ourselves on being able to dig deep and really examine topics to the fullest extent.

    We will make up for the lack of diversity in each episode with a much larger volume of episodes. The goal is 2-3 episodes per month as we don't want to keep our junkies waiting too long for their next fix. If your profession hasn't been mentioned, don't fret. We will get there, but remember any good auctioneer can learn to apply knowledge from any market to their own.

    Thanks for listening and for the publicity.

  2. No problem,

    Lack of diversity wasnt meant to mean that I would like to hear all professions at once and in many ways episode two was around perfect. Good solid info and depth on the subject matter.

    I was speaking more along the lines of what I believe the newer auctioneers would like to hear as oppose to voicing what I would like to be cast. The 3 - 4 subjects mentioned in detail in ep.2 was about perfect.

    My idea of diversity was meant to be a little dig at the MFC in ep. 1 :D, you addressed that knowing or unknowingly in ep. 2 which I enjoyed so its all good :D I still think some type of intro mentioning the topics covered would be cool and would also benefit people listening to backcasts?! in say 3 months time.

    At the end of the day its your gig and its shaping up nicely.