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Saturday, 29 January 2011

"JMTC" How would you make gold if you had limited play time?

Markco isn't retiring hes just moving upstairs :D

This is my post for JMTC's WoW Gold Blogging Carnival the theme for this month is advice you would give people who have limited gold making time.

This is a category I personally fall into and I suspect so do many Gold Bloggers. We dont sit all day on the PC or on Remote AH camping the Auction House. Some of us have to work for a living :( If your playtime is limited through real life and when you do play you raid, level or do something else that is fun for you then maybe you need a helping hand making gold with the least amount of input possible.

I would recommend not trying to sell everything we Gold Bloggers advertise. This will most certainly lead to your gold being tied up in items you cannot move due to not being online enough. Find what YOU think you can sell within your minimum time and stick to it. A few examples of this in each profession would be:

If your a Blacksmith craft DPS PvP Plate Gear, Enchanters rods, Belt Buckles(if the mats are cheap enough) these items always sell and although the market is competitive you can still move many pieces.

Enchanter's should sell +15 stat Scrolls for easy... infact very easy gold.

Tailor's can craft bags and sell them, be it Netherweave, Frostweave, Abyssal or Illusionary bags. I posted about my bag experiences in Dont forget your bags or more specifically bag!!. Tailors can also take advantage of cheap cloth and flip it as bolts, a prime example is Frostweave which I also posted about whilst writing Quick gold from Frostweave Cloth.

Scribe's can sell Glyphs of course. Research the Auction House and find out which Glyphs are selling best on your server. If you only get limited time to post auctions then post when you log in and then cancel and post again when you log out. This should guarantee at least a few sales as glyph selling can be difficult if you are not online for a prolonged amount of time. Check back on Warcraft Corner in the next few days for a whats hot and whats not glyph review.

Alchemist's can use their Transmute: Living Elements spell to flip eternals for a juicy profit. Transmutation masters can make Meta gems, sell your Transmute: Truegold cooldown or make flasks to sell which I do not recommend at the moment, the reason being the proccs are terrible and the mats cost more than the flasks. Check it out Writers Block and Flask Master.

I do not have a high level Engineer but the Goblin Barbecue is needed by some raids and is also currency for Fractured Cogwheel, so if its cheap to make that could be a gold opportunity.

Leatherworker's could flip leather on the Auction House i.e buy cheap leathers and make it into heavy's to sell. Craft the Darkbrand Leggings if the mats are available and cheap enough as these sell very well and also check the price of Savage Armor Kits as these are a nice way to make a bit of gold. Both of these you will find in more detail in the posts Leatherworkers Gold Making Tip and Double up gold from Heavy Savage Armor Kits.

Jewelcrafter's have many options open to them. Buying cheap ores to prospect then selling/vendoring/crafting items from the gems prospected. This have been covered numerous times by a plethora of gold blogs. If you want to find some info on it click here. Cutting and selling gems is similar in a way to the glyph market. You need to invest quite a bit of time otherwise you will be undercut around 15 mins after posting. Same applies here as with the glyphs. Post when you log in and cancel/repost when you log out.

If you do not have these professions or are at a lower level then I suggest checking out vendor sold items that sell well on the open market. You can start with items like Jeweler's Setting and Dust of Disappearance. These are easy to move, thank god for the lazy people in World of Warcraft. If you want to move up to selling more expensive item you can try the Dalaran pets which I posted about yesterday Dalaran Pets for a quick buck.

You can also start to flip items on the Auction House. For this you require some type of sales tracker like Beancounter or the new TSM market price addon. Using this you can then see what the value is for the item and buy it cheap and sell it for more. This is quite risky and takes a bit of experience before being able to fully utilise it but when its setup and you know what you are doing this is a very powerful gold making machine.

This is the first part of the Blogging Carnival articles. Cold's Blogging Carnival is up soon and that deals with 3 tips for new Goblins trying make their first bundle of gold.

This was a longer post than I expected and if you are still awake, 

"I'm Smudger, you stay classy Azeroth"

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  1. I like the breakdown by profession. Makes it easy to find what may work for a given player.

    I would add fishing. If someone is out gathering herbs or mining ore, take a few casts in the lake or river nearby. I'm seeing great profits on just about all fish.

  2. Aye, will do. I always forget fishing although its one of my favourites :(

    Cheers Kammler