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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Double up gold from Heavy Savage Armor Kits

I kind of stumbled upon this as I was levelling my Leatherworking, as always check your server prices. The cost of Savage Leather is hovering at 4g50s per leather. Heavy Savage Leather is around 32g per item. Heavy Savage Armor Kit on the otherhand sell for 160 - 200g each.

Maths bit......

Savage Leather x 5 @4g50s  =  22.5g per Heavy Savage Leather
4 x Heavy Savage Leather  =  ca. 90g per Heavy Savage Armor Kit

Heavy Savage Armor Kit = 160 - 200g

These are supposedly pre Greater Mastery on a par with Mastery for tanks so a few will sell that way and maybe some people just have a stamina fetish that needs feeeding like in WotLK........ I am not a PVP'er so I am not sure how they stack up for BG's and arena's.

Check out your servers prices and market, maybe something in there for you.

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  1. Nice tip. I sold some of these early on but found that the market goes up and down quite a bit. By making a few and only listing one or two at a time, making sure there were no more than 4 listed total, I was able to sell some.

  2. My plan aswell, bit of a niche market though, not many up on AH and not many competitors. Which is always nice.