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Monday, 24 January 2011

Poll results and a few questions?


Blizzard pay attention we have quitters in the house, 23% of disappointed people who voted said they would quit WoW after only the first 6 weeks of Cataclysm. However, I would be interested to see how the figures for WoW really weigh up. Supposedly 12 million subscribers worldwide but I doubt that is the real story. 

I think alot of people quit at the end of WotLK and despite Cataclysm breaking all sales records I still think that the subscription numbers have dropped. I see lulls of activity on my server which was never apparent in earlier expansions.

My questions to you guys are: 

How long do you think you are going to keep playing WoW for?
How much time do you spend playing the actual game(not including gold making and antics)?

I personally still play actively, I love to level my alts and do different things. I struggle to grind Hc's which makes it hard to gear my alts up but after last nights raid debacle it looks like I am going to have to gear a healer up again. I must admit that my enthusiasm for raiding has taken a whack after the mindnumbing year of ICC but that will probably return when we start taking 10 minimum geared people to raids and not 7 plus others using their OS to make up the numbers.

Leave your comments and let me know how you now spend your time online?


  1. How long do you think you are going to keep playing WoW for?
    That all depends on how long can keep the game interesting for me. Normally Feb/March is break time for me where I retreat myself from wow for a few weeks and focus on something else to keep the game interesting in the long run. For me january has been a VERY busy month so maybe the break will be delayed by a few weeks. My guild isn't doing well with no raiding nights and people losing the desire to do raids and heroics since gearing up is a pain in the arse. Plans are on leaving with 5 mates and starting a social guild for some time till the heroic and raid content has been adjusted and more players are back. In terms of auction house it indeed is going down like i've never seen before. I think a lot of people expected a whole new WoW which they didn't get in their eyes.

    How much time do you spend playing the actual game(not including gold making and antics)?
    Not much at the moment I hope this will go up when my spare time gets higher but i've also got a lot of games in my head that I missed during the holidays which I want to check out

  2. I play every ,at least 3 to 4 hours ,but since i has 5 months of vacations and didn't yet reach level 85 ,its still all pretty new to me ,so i think i will hang whit wow for now at least 6 months .

  3. @Shamanenei

    Seems to be common problem with all relatively old school wow'ers. Guild doesnt want to raid. Heroics arent mega difficult I just find that they are long. This means thinking ahead to plan some time in.

    Since I started the blog my playing time has dropped to an all time low. I rarely do the daily Hc and end up sitting in Orgrimmar thinking about what to write about next :D


    Hopefully it will last mate and enjoy the questing experience from 80 - 85, read the quests and understand why you going on them. Its good fun the first time round:D

    Now I just spam accept quests :(

  4. I play Very actively, I am lucky enough to have a marginally focused 10 man progression guild, with the driving force of that being composed of 6 or so friends I have played wow with since vanilla, so we tend to find things to do together, Old school content, PvP, raids, alts on different servers.... the list goes on.

    As for how long it will hold my attention, that all depends, aside from gold making I have a PvP addiction with all of my alts bging or arena-ing so for the moment I am never without something to do, if that dwindles, then I can reassess :)

  5. Subscriber figures are a bit tricky to analyze. Blizzard has stated they have 12 million worldwide subscribers, but a lot of those are from China (and they don't have Cataclysm yet). In North America, they have somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 million subscribers. Europe's about another 2, for a rough total of 5.

    That means 4.7 million sales (in North America and Europe) represents the vast majority of the current estimates of those subscriber bases. It also broke records, yada yada.

    Point being, some servers might differ, but I haven't seen or heard of server queues in a looooooong time until Cataclysm came out, and now my server, which is not one of the highest populated servers, still has a queue at primetime on most nights. I don't see any reason to think that people are quitting en masse.