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Friday, 25 February 2011

*Update* DMC: Cards

I'm back with a DMC update post. I hope everyone is ok and enjoyingwhatever it is you are doing ingame.

The last few posts regarding this subject were a few weeks ago. Unfortunately on my server the cards have dropped in price to way lower than I predicted. The only card holding its own is Tsunami which is around 25,000g - 30,000g on my server. The rest are:
These prices are extremely low and this means my investment to make 7 decks as seen in the posts:
I have managed to move on 3 decks up to now. 2 x Volcano @ 18,000g and 16,000g and 1 x Hurricane @ 16,000g putting me around 10,000g in profit taking into the acount the extra card sales.

The remaining decks are:
I still believe that the sales of the cards will make me double money but for the time invested its a borderline worthwhile project.

I will keep you guys updated over the next week before the Faire rolls into town and buggers up the prices altogether.


  1. Hey Smudger!

    I'm on CC and it's pretty the same in terms of prices. I have invested in these, inspired by your posts ;-) and waiting for next week to cash in. Sold 1 Hurricane (Agi) for 16k, because I was getting cold feet. I had the trinket on the AH for a week at 28K... A week ago a purchased, maybe more than 15 Stones cards at or below 500g and flipped some at 1500g. I have now 6 Stone decks, 2 hurricane and 1 Wind. The Market still holds and I believe next DMF will be lucrative.

    But. I have a question. What's your opinion on keeping trinkets for your toons? Good? Bad? We are at the beginning of Cata so should we sell everything as the prices will fall and thus, wait for personal use? Already the prices on herbs and inks have started to fall...



  2. This is an idea I was toying with myself. My lack of interest to raid this expansion led me to sell and wait until I decide if I want to raid again to make/keep them for myself. My guild is nearly complete with this tiers raiding so I guess I will be selling.

    If you are raiding then DMC: Volcano is BiS for alot of casters, both agi and str hurricanes aint bad either for alot of classes and tsunami is very nice for healers.

    Personally if I was raiding I would have one of these equipped first, depending on how good the card is ofc for my chosen class/specc.

    thanks for the comment Mila

  3. Value is going to nothing but drop since the release of the datamined PTR data that shows the new trinkets coming soon. Unload them asap.

  4. I agree with cold here to a certain degree. The new trinkets are all from the new raid(s) so the good DMC trinkets will hold a fair price.

    I still think there will be a month or so until the patch is released so you will maybe get another Faire in but the price will probably be 50% what it currently is for the meh* trinkets and a little less for the better ones. It will be interesting to see how the current BiS hold up and what trinket types are going to be integrated.

    Less ilvl doesnt necessarily mean a less quality item, the old Str DMC was only ilvl 200 but was awesome for alot of Wrath.

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