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Warcraft Corner

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Nothing to Report

I have not posted the last few days due to multiple things. The main one being a total lack of topics to post on. The topics we post as Gold Bloggers have nearly always already been posted elsewhere. Trying to find new things to write about is like trying to find where those French people hid the Grail.

Your Mother Was a Hamster and Your Father Smelt of Elderberries!

I will post again but only when I find it to be relevant, so no more crappy posting just for the sake of posting, that was not my plan when I started this blog and I seem to have slipped into the posting everyday scenario.

If I have some tips on making gold or updates on my topics/projects I will post and it will be helpful and not some drivel as I have written the last few weeks.

Lets rejoice and eat Sir Robin's minstrals.......


  1. Hope to see you posts again soon mate your posts are always a good read to me .
    I tried also just o focus on Gold ,but since my "goldish language" is still small i try to post whatever i can wend i can .

  2. Breaks can be a good thing. I find daily (or semi-daily) posting helps keep me connected to the community.