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Monday, 14 February 2011

Plans: Sulfuron Hammer and 6,000g

I have been quite succesful selling one pattern of late. This pattern is:

This pattern is not tremendously expensive costing only 1 x Sulfuron Ingot. This is a drop from Golemagg in Molten Core or you can buy one from the Auction House. Current prices are around 500g - 700g on my server and I guess yours will not be that much different. I have alot of these due to weekly MC Farming for tier gear and drops at the end of Wrath.

Once you have a Sulfuron Ingot you are ready to hand in the quest to receive Plans: Sulfuron Hammer.

The quest giver is called Lokhtos Darkbargainer and is located in the Grim Guzzler inside Blackrock Depths.

The quickest way to get there is to use a Direbrew Remote this will take you to the Grim Guzzler itself.

The quest is given by Lokhtos and is not repeatable. The name of the quest is A Binding Contract and involves following/interacting with the conversation. In three or four clicks you have the quest completed and are able to swap the Sulfuron Ingot for Plans: Sulfuron Hammer.

Conjuring Contract
The quest can be done by any character who is over level 60 and able to access BRD. I used all my higher level characters to attain this pattern and have sold two Plans: Sulfuron Hammer for 3,000g each in the last 4 or 5 days. I learnt one on my Blacksmith as I may need it later on.

This wont make you a millionaire but if you have a Direbrew Remote and a few characters to use then it only takes 2 minutes to get the pattern. A hell of a lot better than afk noobing around in Orgrimmar/Stormwind.

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  1. Well you know what, i want the relic hammer form Ragnaros but so far didn't succeed.Wend i can this is always a place i go ,to get some old stuff that sell very well,but so far no luck in drop the ingot or another top Sellers ,but i will continue to farm it.But on the down side i dint have any Direbrew Remote so its always a long walk for me :).