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Warcraft Corner

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Dont drink and WoW

So, after a night out I decided to log into WoW and promptly bought:

Don't ask about the medallion, I already have one in the bank............

Now I'm going to have to have a think about what to do with these. Im going to craft PvP Plate gear out of the some the ores and prospect the rest. I see I smelted 450 Elementium Bars already so just need to farm/buy the Volatile Fire. More info on how much PvP sells for in my post And the hits/gold just keep coming :D

The herbs I will put towards my Inscriptions and the 30k gamble gamble project. I see I have two more cards and very nice ones aswell, RNG must like mavericks.

Both cards sell for over 4k on my server so that is a nice surprise. I'll keep you guys updated.

Have a nice Sunday \o/


  1. Had to ROFL a bit....

    Drinking (or bonghits for some) and playing WoW is the gaming equivalent of impulse buying at the Supermarket. Those magazines, candybars and gum all look great while standing in line, don't they?

    I'm sure you will make your money back--and then some. But you are right in that "impulse buying" can set you back unnecessarily.

  2. Thank god my brain was still half working, it could've turned out alot worse. Had images of seeing saronite bars and epic wrath gems in my mailbox.