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Monday, 17 January 2011

Leatherworkers Gold Making Tip

I was levelling my Leatherworker the other day and had to make a few Darkbrand Leggings. I posted these on the Auction House and inside an hour there were sold. I tried a few more same again.

The bare materials required for Darkbrand Leggings are:
This is not an item that will make you millions but if you have alot of Volatile Earths from mining or it is fairly cheap on the AH plus you use the Tol Barad Crocs, Crikey!!!! for the leathers you could at least double your investment.

The prices should range between 350g - 900g depending on which random enchant is made. Click here for a list.

These are very good legs and can be used well into heroic dungeons. A great way to make a few gold off people starting alts or people levelling up.


  1. Thanks for the tip. I made a couple when I was leveling LW and posted them--they sold, around 400g I think.

    Then I got busy with other things and forgot about them--so nice reminder.

  2. No problem mate, one of those things I always do aswell. By the time I remember the markets always on the floor :D

  3. I haven't levelled my LW'er very much yet - my skinner is the last of my girls to go thru the new content so hopefully, once she gets moving, I'll be making these too :) thanks for the heads up!