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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Justice Trader Items *HOT NEWS*

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So as I mentioned in my post Trade your JP and HP  you are now available in 4.0.6 to exchange badges for trade items. I also mentioned that Blizzard said it wouldnt be cost effective and it looks about right to me.

The items are expensive and will only serve a purpose if someone needs a trade item desperately. The current cap of 4,000 JP makes this system useful for emergencies but harmless for us gold makers. I praise blizzard's thinking on this one.

Maybe we will get a price alteration closer to 4.0.6's release so I'll keep my eyes peeled but at this moment this will have little or no effect on the markets.


  1. Those are sickening prices. They can't hold at that price. I mean, Blizz is always out for a gold sink, but cmon, alot of time is invested to get that much JP's.

    Although, I am wondering if there are nugs in them thar Satchels of herbs....because you know it ain't commercial! What? Hahaha.

  2. They certainly are mad and I am not sure whether to expect a drop before the patch goes live. 2000 JP for 20 Eternium Ores is madness.

    Only time will tell I guess.

    Blizz is the über dealer with those prices, must be some gud sh**.