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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Helping Hands

We all use different methods to make gold so when little things come along to help its pretty nice.

I personally have been using 3 speadsheets to help my Alchemy, JC, Enchanting and DMC market.

I recommend checking out the following sites and spreadsheets:
I am currently using the WoW Confidential one for my Inscription and the 30k gamble project and used the Alchemy spreadsheet from Wowstability to help with my Writers Block and Flask Master post. The Consortium one came too late to affect my Elementium Ore and my 24* hour Project but I have used it since and its really helpful.

Having more info at hand is always important and the guys who spend time creating these spreadsheets have mine(no pun intended) and the gold making community's gratitude.

Spreadsheet creater's around the globe, we salute you!!!!

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