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Friday, 21 January 2011

DMC: Gamble update

So, this is my first update of my Inscription and the 30k gamble project from 15.01.2011. Its been a few days since my original post and I have so far spent roughly 40k on herbs, more than I expected and more than I really wanted to.

I was at 300k and now im down to 260k.

As you can see I dropped quite alot of gold into herbs and various other avenues(15k into obsidium ore aswell but made the cost price back).

I have managed to craft 44 cards of which 3 I made into decks:

The decks I made are:

As you can see from the picture I nearly have enough for the Volcanic Deck and also for the Tsunami Deck. I will use my duplicates and my two Winds cards to complete the other two decks which should leave me with:

This could leave me with a very juicy profit it my gamble comes off. Even if the decks fetch only 20,000g each on average thats 60,000g made and that is the bare minimum I would expect to sell the five decks for.

The question is, should I sell them as decks when the Faire is on or exchange the decks for the cards at the Faire and sell them as trinkets when the Faire has gone.

This is something I will be thinking about over the coming week and as always any suggestions and insights are welcome.


  1. Hi there, why don´t you try both?
    That way you can see what is the better strategy and do it next time,but i am no expert ^^.
    Trade 1 or 2 decks at fair and sell them lather, and sell the remaining decks on AH and see how it goes. Either way good luck :)

  2. I'm planning on waiting till the Darkmoon Faire comes again, hand in my decks for the trinkets, and sell trinkets after the faire has ended. I found the price of of these trinkets had risen on my server after the last faire. Hopefully it'll happen again after the next one.

  3. @Alberhus - I think it may be better to get the trinkets, which is what I was planning on doing unless someone had a valid reason not to.

    @Chrissy - My thinking exactly. May keep a hurricane for my pala aswell.