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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Inscription and the 30k gamble

If you read my blog often you will know that i'm always partial to a gamble/experiment. My next one is a biggy, Darkmoon Cards!! Seeing although its 3 weeks til the next faire hits I decided to see how many decks I could get together.

We are going to be crafting:

The cost of 1 Darkmoon Card of Destruction on my server, using the Auction House value is:
  • Each card has a value of 1960.5g

To get 10 x Inferno Inks I will have to mill roughly 8 stacks of a low level herb like Cinderbloom. Cinderbloom is noted at yielding around 5 x Blackfallow Inks and between 0.5/1 x Inferno Ink per stack. This means that if I pay upto 4g per Herb the card crafting comes down to around 640g for Herbs and the 210g for the Volatile Lifes. The cost per card is then 850g. Most of the cards are valued above this, the Stones Deck however is slightly lower. Please bear in mind the current prices should rise the week before the Faire comes.

The value of the DMC's differ from deck to deck but as we are still early into the expansion and there has only been one Darkmoon Faire upto now so the demand will still be high. Every single one of the trinkets is useful in one way or another, unlike the old Wrath ones.

So without further ado, I bought up all the herbs under 4g on the AH. Surprisingly there were a lot of these. I ended up with 90 stacks of Herbs. From these 90 I managed to make 11 cards.

90 stacks of Herbs cost me, at most 7,200g (4g per Herb) meaning that each card has cost value of 865g (210g for Volatile Life). The cards have an Auction House value of well over that. The Five of Waves alone is selling for 5k on my server. I could list those cards individually and probably make 3 x as much gold back but that is not what we want, we want to see big gold returns from selling the decks. 

At these figures I should be able to produce around 35 cards for 30,000g and with trades, sales and a bit of old fashion luck I should get a few decks out of it.

No more Herbs on the AH at the moment so I'll have to wait, I put a cheeky advert out in trade "Buying Cataclysm herbs 60g per stack" see if I get any takers. This will be a work in progress running upto the Faire in a couple of weeks time.

I am looking forward to this risk/reward style of auctioning and gold making. The gamble and initial outlay is quite large but the profits could be very nice indeed.

Keep checking in on my road to make the big bucks.

note* maths is not my strongest point, if my calculations are wrong let me know.


  1. The cost of herbs makes this strategy unprofitable for me. I'm seeing lows around 120/stack for Cinderbloom, but most are at 175-180g. The other Cat herbs are even more.

    I'm trying to farm a few stacks every day and send to my Scribe to mill. My goal is to get ONE deck by next Faire.

  2. Boo,

    Cinderbloom has took a real dive on my server as have most herbs, Heartblossom is the most expensive at ca 12g each which is still not alot compared to yours I guess Kammler. Advantages/disadvantages of a highly populated server.

    One deck should still pocket a bit of coin though.

    Good luck mate.

  3. So how did it went this experience Smudger any good gold return?
    I really never leveled inscription, but it looks like for me the biggest business, the one that most people have and talk about,should i give it a try ?And btw nice Blog congrats, and thanks again for the visit.

  4. The problem with being a Scribe is that it is a cutthroat profession. As soon as you post glyphs they are undercut very quickly meaning you need to post/cancel regularly, so we are always looking for more ways to profit from the inscriptions profession. DMC's seemed to fit this bill and only time will tell.

    The DMF is due in two weeks time so I wont know until then.

    I will be updating y'all soon with current info I have managed to get two decks together.

    Watch this space. :D