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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Ore Crusher Addon

This has been posted on MMO but I've been trying this addon out the last few days as I am not a spreadsheet geek. Its quite cool.

Check it out guys if you like all your WoW stuff on when playing WoW. All info is dependant on your auctioneer/auctionator addons scan so theres no manual input required and therefore streamlining ore decisions.


  1. Going off my own numbers for prospecting, it is a fairly accurate addon (although I am off a few grand on my recent 100 stack info). I agree, I am not much for the spreadsheets, and this is MUCH quicker and easier than manually typing in the information (and a big time saver).

    FYI- From messing with it for a few days myself, make sure that you do the "slow" scan on Auctioneer, and scan Auctionator if you use both, as it pulls from both in your files, that will give you the best up to date information!

  2. All good info mate,

    I didnt really notice the difference between an /auc getall scan and the slower scan but i'll maybe give it another go :D see if I can get some different results.

    I would like the scan to take the 3 or 5 day price, that would maybe give a bit more transparency and maybe make the scan more accurate..... but it looks good at the moment.

  3. Holly crap you must read minds Smudger,today i decided to get those spreadsheets that i would probably never use ^^ and you come by whit this addon ,whit all the information i need ^^,i take my worgen hat to you Sir good job.

  4. No problem Al, stick MMO-Champion in your favourites. If there are any decent addons they usually post about them aswell.