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Monday, 31 January 2011

Smelter's Tip

A quick tip for smelters today. If you read some of my previous posts you will know that in certain professions you can craft base trade materials into something else to and flip them. An example of this is Quick gold from Frostweave Cloth .

Smelter's are not any different. As always "On My Server" this flip is still viable most of the time with weekends normally being the exception.

Todays flip concerns Hardened Elementium Bars the base materials required for this are:
1 x Hardened Elementium Bar costs anywhere from 180 - 200g on weekdays whereas the materials cost is:
Total cost of raw materials being around the 124g - 130g mark. If you get lucky with the Ores and Earths you could get them for alot cheaper.

Hardened Elementium Bars are very good sellers and are still in high demand due to Blacksmithing Epics items requiring them. The demand may rise once the BoE craftable epics recieve a gem slot making them slighty better and also BiS for alot of pre raid/hc raid classes.


  1. Hi smudger nice tip but to late for me quited mining for enchant was tired of mining ^^.

  2. the only reason I even have a miner these days is for smelting. Really wish they would have tied that to blacksmithing

  3. @ Al

    I read that on your blog mate, hows the enchanting going?

    @ Drayden

    I try to drop it once I reach max(85) lvl. Crafting proffs earn more gold in the long run and are also more beneficial for your char progression. Some people like to farm though so if people enjoy it they go ahead.

  4. Good to see these are becoming profitable again.

  5. Aye Stede, The market is wierd at the moment.Stuff that should be selling for more expensive isnt and crappy stuff is going for stupid prices.

    Was looking at crafted some epics for myself to use on an alt but found they were cheaper to buy from the AH than it was to buy the truegold and hardened eternium bars.

    Tis a strange World(of Warcraft)

  6. Hi mate my Enchant is still a work in progress still in 200is and very few profits so far but i put lot of stuff to sell yesterday,lets see if i sold any later today wend i arrived at home.