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Warcraft Corner

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Elementium hot spot and combo farming

Another quick post for you peeps who love farming. If you quest alot, especially in Twilight Highlands you will know that pre nerf the Ore spawn rate was immense. 

If you miss those days of ore abundance then this tip is for you. In Southern Twilight Highlands theres a cave where these memories are no longer pipedreams, slip through the Time Tunnel into this ore abundant world. 

There are over a dozen veins in here including Pyrite and Elementium. Go into the cave and head to the right uptil the dead end then turn around and go back down and check the rest of the cave out.

The veins are spread throughout the cave, a full run through means killing quite alot of mobs as the cave is very large and full of mobs. If you are level 84 this run through will give decent XP, gold and a quite a few Embersilk Cloth. For the level 85's just gold, cloth and grey items.

If you are bored, a quick run through here together with my Volatile Fire farming tip Volatile Fire farming spot! could net you over 1000,g per hour if done right.

Farming is normally not worth the time investment but if you want a change in scenery, are fed up with the monotony of your respective Auction House or just want to get to 85 and earn a bit of gold whilst doing it, this is a worthwhile way of doing it.


  1. And yet another top secret farming spot outed in a gold blog.

    Jeez, what's a goblin supposed to do??

    Found this a couple weeks ago and have farmed it just about every day since--if I'm on my miner for an hour, I'll spend 30 minutes here.

    Nice income, good tip for anyone who follows your advice.

  2. Haha, sorry mate.

    If you use the fishing tip aswell and farm the ores when the pools are on CD it'll bring in alot more gold if your volatile fires are like mine. ca. 20g each on the AH.

    It is the one I use on my way through to 85 as the xp is awesome for TH mobs. Coupled with the xp from ores its very nice way to either start 84 or finish 83-->84.