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Sunday, 30 January 2011

My Gold/WoW Set Up

I must confess, since I farmed ores and herbs on day one and two of Cataclysm I havent done any farming at all. As most gold makers would tell you, you time is better invested elsewhere. This is true but if you are like me, an altoholic, then farming whilst levelling is a good way to gain extra XP whilst questing. I have recently finished my 5th level 85 and most of the time I level with two gathering professions to maximize my versatility. Theses trade goods can them be sent to whichever one of my other characters needs it.

My current Characters are:
  • 85 Blood Elf Paladin - Blacksmithing/Jewelcrafting (Main)
  • 85 Orc Warlock - Tailoring/Enchanting
  • 85 Tauren Druid - Leatherworking/Inscriptions
  • 85 Blood Elf Death Knight - Mining/Herbalism
  • 85 Troll Shaman - Alchemy/Skinning
  • 82 Troll Mage - Herbalism/Mining

All the professions are maxxed out of course. This is similar to how Cold's "Factory" works I believe but with less 85's :D.  My Death Knight is in the process of changing to Engineering as that is the only profession I have never had the interest to level but they have some useful gadgets nowadays so I'm going to give it a go.

The advantages of having a system like this means you have every available option when integrating professions. All these professions dove-tail with each other in one way or another.

I currently run with two bank alts one with its own guild bank and 6 tabs, the other is a low level character that I don't use. I mean who on earth wants to play a Priest........ Both of these characters are based in Undercity mainly due to the large amount of traffic in Orgrimmar that used to cause immense lag when auction house scanning pre Cataclysm. Our server is runs at medium population with occassional forays into high, WoW Census puts us at around 25,000 characters. I use one alt for inscriptions and scroll posting and the other for my stockpile ie Saronite Bars, Vanilla rare and epics and world drops.

The problem with being an active raider is that I sometimes dont have the time to sit and camp the auction house or bark in trade, more importantly I prefer to do both things anonymously and not on any of my 85 characters. I tend to sell my gems and my PvP DPS gear (my favourite gold maker) on my main character whilst waiting for heroic dungeon timers to pop. This gives me the time to cancel and repost and is the best way I have found to have a certain amount of control over your sales. Cold would call it "stealth" selling but if people persist on auctioning 8 items at a time then my 1 on a 12 hour post has got a high probability of selling. This rings true regardless of which character/profession I am playing at that time.

That was a little insight into my gold making, I have to admit I like most aspects of the game with the exception of PvP. I participated in CS mod + the betas and the subsequent releases back at the end of the 90's and PvP in its current form just isn't the same as it was, wall hacks, speed hacks and the insane lag of early broadband connections were annoying but at least apart from the weapons being different the playing field was even. This cannot be said about the current WoW PvP system.

Jumping in Orgrimmar or E-Peening with Volcanic Stone Drake should never be on the agenda of game players, if you are not going to do anything productive then why the hell are you online. Go out, get some fresh air and play the most realistic game ever......real life.

Last point, I play Horde and only Horde. I support the Auction House Junkies alliance opinion.

Lok'tar ogar


  1. Your strategy is very similar to mine with a couple of minor exceptions.

    I maintain 3 AH guilds, one main AH toon for anonymous posting and two semi-active alts who can be used to manipulate caps and other useful tactics. Mainly, I like and need the storage capacity.

    I have 3 85s and one 82 but maxed or near maxed in most profs--like you, missing Engineering. I also have a 75 but he has maxed Tailoring and Inscription.

    And like you I play only one faction. Alliance.


    lol, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hehe, nice Kammler :)

    I also use my chars to manipulate the AH prices. Posting the same item on different chars to bump the price up(sorry Blizz).

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. I still only have one 85(My main now Worgen warrior Enchant/JC), but I am trying (wend I have patient at least) to level up a Mage (level 20 Worgen Herb/inscription and priest, [yes a priest (gnome Miner/engineering go figure  )] shadow for now, but who knows maybe in a few years I go heal^^). No bank toon, or alt for AH for that mater. I don’t like that sort of thing call me crazy or lazy.
    I don’t get the point of playing a Toon just for store thing ,yes I know if had like you guys 1001+ AH or mail or auctions it would make sense. But in my twisted little mind I don’t need them ^^.But I guess to because the AH mogul you have to have all professions maxed and the Bank alts and that Kind of thing ^^.

    And Alliance all the Way. ^^

  4. I must add that these are things that you may do and are not a necessity to make gold from the game.

    They do make it alot easier though. The correct organisation is one of the biggest ways to make all this work, if this requires more alts and bank alts then so be it.

    A wiser Englishman once said,

    "He who fails to plan is planning to fail"