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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Dreamcloths v Spellthread

If you are a Tailor you will know that there are a few different ways to make gold from the profession. One thing that is an option is using your Dreamcloth to create:

All of the above are quite expensive to craft. There are currently six ways to make Dreamcloth all of them take:

These are on a 7 day cooldown meaning you can only craft a maximum of 6 per week. The cheapest one materials wise on my server is using Volatile Life these are currently around 6g each. The Bolt of Embersilk is also about 20g each bringing the total to around 340g for one Dreamcloth

If you use the Dreamcloth wisely you can either craft Epics with "x" amount of Dreamcloth which is a very risky market or you can sell Powerful Enchanted Spellthread or Powerful Ghostly Spellthread which is a probably my choice for recieving a continuous income from tailoring. The price of these are currently around 700g and it is up to Tailors to keep the prices high.

The market for Powerful Enchanted Spellthread and Powerful Ghostly Spellthread is very competitive but only Tailors have the mats and nearly everyone will need these. The demand will start to rise once people in smaller guilds and pugs are raiding the content regularly.

As always check your own servers prices and make educated decisions considering how much demand for the item there is, how much supply is currently available and also the current market prices.

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