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Monday, 10 January 2011

Poll Results

Last week I asked "What is the most expensive Profession to level?".

Here are the results:

Alchemy                  0%
Blacksmithing          16%
Enchanting              35%
Engineering             19%
Inscription                3%
Jewelcrafting            10%
Leatherworking          5%
Tailoring                  10%

Enchanting takes the title for your most expensive profession to level followed by Blacksmithing and Engineering. I was surprised at the poor performance of Tailoring. The mats for the other professions are easily farmed but Embersilk cloth is a pain to farm even if you are a tailor. The drop rate for tailors is being increased so this I imagine is going to be less of a problem.

I think the poll is correct though, from 0-525 powerlevelling a profession enchanting would win or lose hands down.

Comments anyone??

Next poll will be up soon but I am thinking about a Trivia question everyday using one of the WoW calendars I recieved for christmas.

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