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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Elementium Ore and my 24* hour Project

It was a slow evening on Friday so I thought I'd give my self something to do. At around 7pm I bought up 25 stacks of Elementium Ore to prospect. The stacks cost me 85g each so that was 2,125g invested in the ores. My plan to was to experiment and see how much I could make out of these 25 stacks upto 0:01 on Sunday. Not exactly 24 Hours but with sleeping inbetween I thought I would cut myself some slack.

Characters Used:
  • 525 Jewelcrafter
  • 525 Alchemist
Prospecting gave me:
Quite a nice haul, first thing was to send 12 of each common gem to my Alchemist for Transmute: Shadowspirit Diamond this gave me 8 x Shadowspirit Diamonds.

My available Jewelcrafting cuts at the moment are:

Obviously I wanted to craft some meta gems, Destructive meta gem sells for around 400g at the moment on my server and the Eternal one for 300g or so. I crafted a few Destructive metas and 1 x Enigmatic meta to test the market. I listed them one at a time as I was doing a bit of AH camping.

I also cut the other rare gems depending on the market price and what was selling. Here's what sold in this period between 7pm Friday and 0:01 Sunday, ca. 24 hours later.

  • Grand Total      -       5,923g

Admittedly I did camp the AH but not for the entire 24 hours. Most of the time for about an hour or so and then I would run a dungeon or do Tol Barad dailies. I was also offline doing the usual family stuff for most of the afternoon. This is just to stress that you dont need to be on 24/7 to do this.

The gems that are leftover were:

I have absolutely no doubt that these will also sell bringing the total up to around 7,000g, showing that aslong as your willing and have the patience, the Auction House is by far and away the best gold maker out there.

For a look at a similar Obsiduim Ore project check out Nev's post Obsidium Ore & Prospecting - sort of an experiment!

I hope that informative for some of you new guys who are looking for way to invest and profit on your current gold stock.


    1. Little update guys, I just logged in now ater not logging in since last night and my mailbox contained the sold, destructive meta, 2 x Etched Dragonseye, all of the Hessonites and the 1 Sapphire. Another 807g to the total.

    2. If you buy tons of ore on the regular, I would consider moving as much inventory as possible. Therefore, making sure you have 2 of each cut you have and begin selling raw and cut of meta and blue gems.

      Some people say that certain gems sell more so they only make those gems, when in fact, they are limiting their market. As long as ore is available, you can push as many products out as much as possible, increasing your income opportunity.

      Thanks for the post. /cheers

    3. Nice post, Smudger - it looks like Zephyrite was the daily that day. Still very impressive results, and there's always gonna be a JC daily of some sort.

    4. @Taze - I see what your getting at and as you said you need to buy a ton of ore regular plus must also be very, very active on the AH.

      Spreading yourself too thin is also a problem which I see alot with my guildies, focus on what you know you can sell. Its better to dominate a few gem markets than trying to half ass all.

      @Stede - I guess the daily was Zephyrite didnt really think about it for some reason. That little beggar does sell really well on my server.

    5. In wrath of the LK the diversity was what made be able to get my Bike ,i sold the less popular gem cuts and got a nice profit on those ,so i expect to do something similar this time ,and good post again :).