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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Saronite Bars rise in price!

If you stocked Saronite Ore like I did then it seems on most servers Saronite Bar prices are on the way up.

I am way too impatient to sit on my stock for a year or so so ive been steadily selling the bars off if the price is around 3 x what I paid for the ore.

I hope you guys had this in your snatch list pre Cataclysm for less than the vendor value of 1g25s per Saronite Bar or 62s50c per Saronite Ore. I bought some but had to level mining on an alt so I ended up with a shed load of these things aswell.

The price throughout the later end of the week was hovering around 5g per bar, this is not as high as on some servers but at ca. 3 to 4 x the investment I decided to sell some bars.

Boy am I glad I did. Working on the generous assumption that I spent 1g25s on each Saronite Bar I made 2,175g profit in the last 3 days from no effort at all. Posting once in the morning and again in the evening. Its not a great deal of gold but depending on how big stock is this will hopefully rake you in a fair bit of gold over the next few weeks.

A word of warning, as usual weekend prices are a bit... well... crappy. I have just checked this morning and the screenie below shows you what the current weekend market looks like.

Someone selling them for under 2g and alot on the AH for under 3g. I wouldnt say 3g is bad if this is burning a hole in your pocket like with me. Its nearly always best to wait for the weekdays when the price should rise and make you that well deserved gold.

Theres nothing like the feeling of an investment paying dividends.

If you are unsure of what to do with your Saronite Ore then check out Cold's post Saronite Ore Stockpiles for more options.

What are the prices like on your servers guys? Let me know.

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