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Friday, 7 January 2011

Your Favourite Zone

So it looks like the results are in. And the winner is:

  1. Uldum 51%
  2. Twilight Highlands 16%
  3. Mount Hyjal 13%
  4. Deepholm 10%
  5. Vashj'ir 7%

I have to admit, I was one of the few that voted for Vashj'ir. I love the innovation of it and hats of to Blizz for the work that went into this zone. I enjoyed Uldum aswell though and to be honest who wouldn't' turn me into a fireball and let me nuke 1000 Gnomes for Gnomebliteration anyone? The start quest for Twilight Highlands is one I do on all my characters due to the epicness of it and to watch Garrosh act like a school child in a sweet shop.

My least favourite zone is probably Deepholm, some quests are ok but the design is not my cup of tea. I feel I have to level through here to get to 83 and Uldum.

My personal levelling plan has been the same for my 3x 85 characters. Vashj'ir til 82, Deepholm to 83, Uldum til 84 and then off to Twilight Highlands. I always have the feeling that mob and quest xp/rewards are much better here than in Uldum and 84 - 85 goes really fast. Having the guild bonus of 10% makes a massive diference aswell.

New Poll going up now, What is the most expensive Profession to level?


  1. I would have voted for Vashj'ir just for the fantastic rendering of the underwater world I love so much but I found the questing to be a bit...hmmm-ish.

    I took my pally thru Vashj'ir, Deepholm, Uldum & Twilight Highlands - moving on as soon as I hit the req'd level. I then took my rogue thru Mount Hyjal to experience that zone - was fantastic for leather gear drops as I hadn't really geared her up very much pre-cata. My priest has done about 60 Vashj'ir & 50 Mt Hyjal quests so far - I'm levelling her with hubby so we needed to match up our xp a little.

  2. I couldn't get into the Hyjal quests for some reason, so I went back and did them for Cata Loremaster at 85 and then I could enjoy them and take my time.

    The zone you level in should also be dictated by the first faction you want to be revered with Earten Ring/Guardians of Hjyal. Drops are important and also how easy it is to level your profession(s).

    I went to Vashj'ir on my Skinner on the first day of the xpac and was 525 in no time from Crab skinning.

    Thanks for the comment.