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Sunday, 2 January 2011

World of Single Player Craft

Im not sure when this happened but people seem reluctant to group up for anything anymore.

Tol Barad is a prime example although it makes it easier and alot quicker if people group up and mash their way through together. I spend most of my time asking if anyone would like to group for quests like Problin or Shark Tank and then end up hanging about for a while. It could be the time of year though, kids of school, lots of new players etc but still, it is a MMO and not a single player game which alot of people have forgotten.

No-one wants to help anyone else anymore if it means having to go out of their way. I remember seeing a post about some type of "Pay it Forward" scheme on Kammler's Korner and referenced here on Miss Mediocre which was a make love, not warcraft type thing. We all have alot of work to do and real lives to attend to but, at the end of the day we all signed up to play a game in a community and therefore should do it. 

I know that people will say the usual "Get a guild", "Get some friends" etc etc. I have a good guild and alot of RL friends in WoW but they cant be on all the time and at the same times I am and on the occasion that not one is online I would still like to be able to complete dailies, group quests and the like with other people instead of plodding through as a loner. 

This is an observation and in no way am I trying to force my opinion onto others who think otherwise, in fact I would very much like to hear from you guys.

On a brighter note my sales of PvP gear have dinged 20k. Thank god there is still some type of  interaction. Happy days.

20k surpassed :D


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