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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Gold Making Addons Part 1

I know there are lots of guides about Auction House addons but we have had an influx of new and returning players since Cataclysm's release and Xmas renewels so I think this guide may come in handy for a few people that are new to the gold making wagon.

If you want to earn a bit more then you need to be prepared. That means using the correct addons to save time/make things easier.

Addons Recommended:

Basic Auction House Addon

I have used Auctioneer for aslong as I can remember but recently I started experimenting with Auctionator, both have good points and work great in conjunction with one another. Here are the main UI's.

I have marked in red, the buttons that both addons use on the UI. As you can see they are both on the same window so no need to open 2 x Auction House frames.

To track my sales I use Beancounter which is part of the Auctioneer Suite package. You could try MySales if you are looking for something that isnt as bloated.


With Auctioneer you get the added bonus of Beancounter, this tracks prices in simple or great detail depending on your settings as shown on the left. This is for Glyph of Ice Barrier and as you can see we have lots of details over the last 24 days worth of sales. This also shows that the Glyph prices are on the way up again as I alluded to in my post Glyphs Booming Again.

It is very important to see coming trends so regular scanning of the AH will help you catch these early as well as really good deals once you know your way around the UI. A nice shortcut to use is "/auc getall" this will slow down WoW for around 30 secs or so but when using Auctioneer will scan the AH in under a minute whereas a normal scan will take somewhere in the region of 5-15 minutes depending on the amount of auctions on the auction house at that time. This used to, on occasion, freeze WoW but I haven't experienced this in the last few months so I guess that has been fixed. It is probably best to do this scan in a less populated city, a less populated AH or at an off peak time. I use Undercity as Horde on my bank alt but if I want to do it in Orgrimmar on my main then I hop over to the Valley of Wisdom AH and then its no problem.

Search Tab

Auctioneer has alot of bells and whistles on it:
  • Snatch List
  • Arbitrage
  • DE/Milling/Prospect purchases
  • Resale
  • Vendor
Snatch List

This is predefined list of items which, when found, will be bought at a no more than the set highest price. The setup for this takes a bit of time but is worth it in the long run. There are lots of new low level players in the game at the moment and most are not sure what an "Expensive" old world drop is. You can sometimes pick the rare items/patterns up for next to nothing. This has made me a pretty penny over the years. My last great snatch was Recipe:Transmute Water to Undeath which i bought for 5g and flipped for 1800g. Amazing. A really good snatch list post is here Items you should have on your Snatch list. A very valuable gold making tool if you take the time to learn to use it.


There is a great post on Nerf Faids which i cant find (sorry Faid) but JMTC posted a follow up Arbitrage: What is it and why aren't I doing it? Read it and learn.

DE/Milling/Prospect purchases

Something I rarely use but this scans the Auction House for items to be DE/Milled/Prospected to the point where the resulting materials price outweighs the items purchase price. Very risky market and there are better ways to earn gold or gain materials for these professions.


With this scan it is very important to keep the scans updated and really know the item/market suggested to use this. The best way is to do a resale scan directly after the /auc getall scan, that way you know the information is up to date. WARNING! You can skew this scan by placing an item at a high price for a few weeks then drastically dropping the price as seen here in my scan. Bright Baubles are a vendor item purchased for 2s. Someone is making a pretty penny out of this!!


This is one of the easier ways to make gold on a low level toon even if you only have 2g to your name. Unbelievably some people still sell items for less than vendor price. This helps you snatch them up and then its off to the vendor to make a profit off people not knowing any better.

End of Part 1

Wow, that was way longer than I expected and theres is still parts 2  and 3 to come. Tune in tomorrow where I will explain how to near automise posting/cancelling auctions to make selling more efficient.

If you made it this far I have a treat for you, a GM joke.

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