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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Gold Making Addons Part 2 - Posting and Cancelling!!

After yesterdays Gold Making Addons Part 1 its time to continue with part 2.

As I mentioned yesterday, today we will go through how to automise your posting and cancelling.

Addons Required:

On my bank toon I use a great addon called ZeroAuctions this is maintained by Zerotorescue of The Consortium forums. The entire point to ZA is to make the posting and cancelling of auctions quicker. It is not that complex to setup and in 10 mins you can ready to rock and roll. Picture spam incoming.

 Zero Auctions

To open the window the command is /za config. I am going to demonstrate a very basic glyph post using only glyphs that sell for higher prices.

General Window for ZA. You can change profiles, which groups to use etc, etc plus make a standard setting for posts. I customise most of my groups so I rarely touch these.

Self Explantory! I have typed "expe glyph" because I like to make it hard for myself when scanning through my catagories. You can use whatever you like here. ZA allows you to shift-click the item so the name shows in the group name box. If you are selling specific items then that is the best way forward.

Here are the setting for my "expe glyph" catagory. Again Zerotorescue has made it really simple to understand. Post Cap, Price and Fallback dont really need explaining as everything is in black and white on the addon. My settings are set to post two auctions at 2c cheaper than the current auctions unless the price is lower than 75g. If no auctions are up ZA will post at 199g.

Probably the most important step which will catch you out a few times at the start. Dont forget to add you items to the group. Simply clicking on an item in the window or using the mass add as shown in the picture.


Now we open the AH window, click the auctions tab and are presented with some shiny new buttons at the top.


Our group is setup meaning, with a click of the post button the automisation begins. When Blizzard released 4.0.1 they changed the way players interact with the AH. This now means that the AH requires you to confirm every post, this was a way to combat AH afk'ers posting and cancelling 1000's of auctions at a time with only one click.

Thats the posting part done, give yourself a pat on the back. Unfortunately that is only half of the battle with the AH. Some people are so rude that they undercut our auctions, how dare they!! (sarcasm off) This is one of the merry-go-rounds of World of Warcraft auction house selling. I have an Auction House camper on my server that is 24/7 online on a level one Rogue. As soon as I post he undercuts within 10 seconds. Thats life though and as I cannot be online all day everyday I have to accept it. So long as he doesnt branch out into all markets its all good. AH camping is a touchy subject with most wannabe auction gurus and many A-List gold bloggers alike.

Onward to cancelling (British English by the way for my friends over the pond) our auctions. Not as much picture spam required here.

One click of the cancel button and the confirmation box springs into life. I suggest waiting for the scan to finish before clicking the yes button as it sometimes bugs out and leaves one or two auctions posted.

Finally for Part 2 is one of the most important addons Postal, a mailbox addon that makes it easier to collect mail in bulk. This is a one click mail collect button. Blizzards ingame mailbox only allows 50 mails per time to be visible so if you have more than 50 in your inbox the server requires 60 seconds to retrieve the next batch.

In part 3 tomorrow we will use some addons that make crafting a little easier.

Thanks for reading guys and I hope it helped some of you newer auction house gurus.


  1. I'd recommend you to try out mailopener as an alternative to Postal.

    Nice start to your blog Smudger, have included you on the blog roll over at Follow the Gold Road.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Mailopener looks quite spiffy. I'll have a play around with it.

    I will do the same my friend, thanks for the comment.

  3. I just readed that ZA is discontinued...and we use APM at the momment.


  4. Hey David,

    I couldnt find that info anywhere and APM is the same as QA3 and ZA so any of the above will do. If APM gets updated more then i'll switch but aslong as ZA isnt being a pain i'll stick with it.

  5. Nice blog! Thanks to JMTC for bringing it to my attention.

    I thought Postal would have been great except that I absolutely hated the fact that it opened mail from the back (rather than the most recently received mail). I couldn't find any options anywhere to change this, so I eventually uninstalled it, opting to just use the mail automation that is included with APM.

  6. Thanks Michael.

    Yeah, that is annoying about Postal, I do afk though whilst the mail is being cleaned. It looks like I may have to check out APM then, I feel a quick rewrite coming on.