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Friday, 7 January 2011

Gold Making Addons Final Part!!

First off for today I would like to thank Just My Two Copper and Mageshadow for the post Up-and-coming Cataclysm Gold Blogs. I was one of the many superb Blogs featured and I think I speak for all of us Bloggers when I say its a nice feeling to know that people are reading our Blogs and taking away a bit of useful information. So, on with the show.

Addon Required: 

 Both of these addons do roughly the same. Gnomeworks is the next generation Skillet so sooner or later you may have to switch. There are a few LUA errors now and then but nothing drastic and bear in mind this is only an ALPHA.

I am going to show you some bits and bobs of Gnomeworks. I am probably not the most informed whizz-kid Gnomeworks user but for what we need to craft different items from different professions my limited knowledge should suffice.

Gnomeworks is a replacement for the default tradeskill and craft UI. It does a few things:
  1. Trade buttons are placed on the main frame for quick switching.
  2. Gnomeworks supplies full links for all trades, accessible via "All Recipes" from the alt selection.
  3. (Experimental) Gnomeworks allows you to queue milling, prospecting and disenchanting as if they we seperate trade skills.
  4. Clicking on column headers allows for filtering and sorting based on that column's data.
  5. Interacts with Altoholic so you can see what materials are on your alt toons.

The main UI of GW looks like this.

The milling interface is just a matter of clicking the item and then queuing it with the Queue or Queue All button then processing the queue.

This is the Inscription tab and as you can see, the milling went well and I have queued the crafting of 22 x Ink of the Sea and 5 x Snowfall Ink. A click of the process button will start the crafting.

With our inks crafted it's now time to make the glyphs. An up to date Beancounter helps here, I can quite clearly see that Glyph of Mortal Strike is selling at a high price. Lets get in while the iron is hot and list a few of those bad boys. Same as with the others, queue the item to be crated then process it. Very simple and saves time.

The addon also lets you check your alt toons professions, guild members professions and also lets you see the entire recipes/patterns available to all professions. This is helpful as as far as I know not all of Atlasloot's professions are upto date.

As always all comments are welcome and appreciated, if one of you GW wizards has some tips for our new guys then drop me a line. Apart from that, thats all she/he wrote.

Thanks for taking time out to read this and good luck.


  1. Hey Smudger - I use ATSW at the moment, and I just started using ArkInventory (which is a pain to setup, but brilliant after it's done) - problem is that I no longer get the 'Buy Reagents' button from vendors (buys reagents for stuff in my ATSW crafting queue). Does Skillet or Gnomeworks have a similar feature that works with ArkInventory?

  2. Hey Stede,

    I've been meaning to try out ATSW again as the Gnomeworks UI looks so horrid although its really useful. I use Altoholic and Baudbag as I never really liked AI.

    I tried ATSW with my addons and it worked fine so i'm not sure why AI has binned the reagent button for you.