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Monday, 3 January 2011

Inscription Booming Again!!

After the "Glyphmas" event I kind of went into hiding as a main glyph supplier on our server. I made most of my Wrath gold through selling Glyphs and an array of Darkmoon Cards.

My Cataclysm Gold was made through a mixture of farming and crafting. I focused mainly on Jewelcrafting, being one of the first to have a few of the more obscure meta and rare gem cuts. I digress so back to the topic of Glyphs booming again.

It isn't all glyphs that are experiencing the boom but certain glyphs are sitting nicely around the 90-100g per glyph price. My opinion is that most new glyph suppliers either ran out of stock after Glyphmas or did what I did and levelled their toons up to 85 and used an alternate means of gold making in the process, which wasn't as time consuming as listing/cancelling glyphs.

My popular glyphs at the moment are:

Each glyph costs 3 of its repective ink to craft plus the parchments minuscule vendor price. If you can pick the mats up from the AH at a good price or farm them yourself then there is a pretty penny to be made here. The secret of this market is to test the water with a few good selling, popular glyphs before wading in all guns blazing. If you are new to the glyph game then maybe select a few of the above ones and try it out on your server. I recommend listing in lots of two or even individual if you have the time to camp the AH.

A really good site with lots of glyph information and math is WoW Confidential, dont forget that prices will vary from server to server. The popular glyphs should, however be the same.

With PvP being back in fashion, people starting to level their alts and Christmas WoW'ers returning, the market is booming once more!!!


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