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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Dont forget your bags or more specifically bag!!

Netherweave Bags are down to nothing, Embersilk Bags are too expensive and selling for less than material cost but one little baby who keeps pumping out is the:

Whats not to love about this bad boy, one of the few 22 slot bags and has very affordable materials, one of which you may have stockpiled somewhere.......Frozen Orbs.

Base materials for the Abyssal Bag are:

Frozo will be a nice fellow and trade you your Frozen Orbs for the Eternals. If you don't possess any Eternals then check the AH for both Eternals and Frozen Orbs. The total materials would cost 144g on my server if you bought them from the AH at current prices.

Dont forget your Frosty Flying Carpet if your character is a new Tailor.

The other mats can be picked up quite cheap from the AH, the Abyssal Bag is holding its value well into Cataclysm. Check it out.

Its quite easy to forget about the Wrath items that still sell with all the hooha surrounding Cataclysm items. 

If your market seems to taking a dip or you fancy a change of scenery, give a few of these a whirl.


  1. Eternals are as low as 2g each for for example life and shadow. Fire is around 5g each which is just as expensive as the frozen orbs are. You're making on hell of a profit on these bags.

  2. You certainly are if your in the market. Frozen Orbs vendor for 5g so they shouldnt slip below this price.

    It looks like theres a nice margin on your server compared to mine but anything that sells for ca. 3 times as much as it costs or more is good by me.