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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Waiting Game

For my Inscription and the 30k gamble and DMC: Gamble update it looks like I may have to wait a week or so before seeing any sales back.

The price of these cards has nearly dropped through the ground. The lowest being Earthquake at 4k and the highest being Tsunami at 40k. The Hurricane and Volcano are at 17k and 19k respectively. These figures would still make me some profit but not as much as I was hoping for. These items are BiS for some classes so I expected more from them.

I am however going to wait till after the Faire has disappeared and then sell them off. Hopefully people will have gotten rid of their cards by then and the competiton will be smaller and therefore the prices a little higher.
"If you sit by the river long enough, you will see the body of your enemies float by"
We'll see eh!!


  1. I have to agree that prices are not what I expected, with last DMF as precedent. I "snatched" 2 Hurricane Decks at ~11k each, hoping to sell them for well over 30k. Most of the Hurricane cards are sitting at ~20k, and I'm not sure that any have sold. Of course, an 8k return is still pretty awesome, I'm just being greedy. I might just wait until next week, and hope some people get desperate.

  2. I took my first steps into DMC just last week - I picked up a Hurricane deck for 11k bid & put together a Tsunami deck for 11k + one of my own cards. All week I've been seeing the price of individual cards come down a lot but in the last 2 days both my decks have sold - Tsunami for 29k & Hurricane for 19k. There are no decks left on our AH & very few cards although the prices are still low.

    As a complete DMC novice, I'm happy with the profit I made but I have no idea when is the best time to sell or make these things. I barked a few times, hoping to avoid the AH cut but in the end , they both sold via AH.

  3. @Vince - I am waiting for a similar thing, hopefully. Gordon Gecko wins.....

    @Nev - Damn, good form Nev. I could've maybe shifted a Tsunami for that but i'll wait it out. Dont really need the gold for anything.

    I've seen loads of people barking these, 2 in my guild alone :P bank alt selling ftw.

  4. I hope that at least you break even, if not whit a little profit ,but at least was it fun?