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Saturday, 12 February 2011

3 birds with 1 stone

I wanted to try to get one of the new Jewelcrafting patterns. Unfortnately for me they are a world drop from Cataclysm mobs.

My original idea was to level my mage up from 81 and hope that a pattern dropped along the way. I levelled upto 83 with no luck and thought I would try something else.

I returned to Tol Barad, the scene of my Tol Barad Crocs, Crikey!!!! crime. The beautiful thing about these Crocolisks is that you have a triple way to farm. They are:
Thats quite a versatile farming spot i would say. As I allude too quite often, farming is not always worth the effort but this spot is certainly a way to bring in extra gold per hour.

After an hour of farming I had no pattern but enough Crocolisk Tails to make around 60 x Beer-Basted Crocolisk and around 230 x Savage Leather or 46 x Heavy Savage Leather.

Total gold haul would be around 2,200g for 1 hour of farming. The market for these items is very steady and will not change much throughout tier 11. 

I will be back to regular posting soon guys, thanks for checking in.

1 comment:

  1. Nice one mate,but i have still yet o visit Tol Barad,but we so easy to kill mobs you might get your patterns any time soon,good luck in it.