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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Sales from 4.0.6 or Patch Day

I have not had a great deal of time to do anything over the last few days so I was interested how much I could make out of the Inferno Ruby market after the updated Meta Gems for 4.0.6.

I managed to make over 10,000g which is not a great sum but considering I was online for around 1 hour its fine by me. The picture below depicts my sales of Delicate, Brilliant and Bold Inferno Rubies over the posting period. I subtracted the earlier ones and it came to 8,960g, tally in a measly 1,156g in uncut Shadowspirit Diamonds and we come to a grand total of 10,116g.

This was quite a good haul for me which I was really happy with. It also made up for some of the disappointment regarding the current Darkmoon Deck prices.

Check out Alto vs. Alto - My 4.0.6 Predictions and Results for some more 4.0.6 results.

I also managed to sell Plans: Sulfuron Hammer for 2,999g. I love some people on WoW. I think I am going to get another one of those on an alt character.


  1. Just linked this to my post, nice to see that someone made out on them!

    Alto vs. Alto- My Predictions and My Results

  2. Will do the same buddy :D thanks

  3. WOW,10k holy you made in one hour all the gold i have, congratulations.
    But i know its normal for you guys.
    That BS recipe is the one needed for making the hammer needed for the Ragnaros hammer?

  4. It is Al, only takes 1 x Sulfuron Ingot to start the quest in the grim guzzler in BRD. If you have alot of chars like me then its cool :D

    Thank god that stupidity is still in abundance.