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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Spreading myself too thin

I recieved a comment from Taze yesterday which kind of got me thinking.

If you buy tons of ore on the regular, I would consider moving as much inventory as possible. Therefore, making sure you have 2 of each cut you have and begin selling raw and cut of meta and blue gems.

Some people say that certain gems sell more so they only make those gems, when in fact, they are limiting their market. As long as ore is available, you can push as many products out as much as possible, increasing your income opportunity.

Thanks for the post. /cheers 

I believe this has been my problem the last few weeks. It somehow snook up on me like the butler in the "Mr Deeds". I've been spending way too much time trying to earn gold from all professions and means instead of focusing my efforts on a few avenues.

If you are only into JC + Alchemy or Enchanting then focus on that and the above advice fits nicely. If however, like me, you get wrapped up in many things and try to be a jack of all trades you will, invariably master none and become quickly overwhelmed.

I have tried to make gold out of every profession the last few weeks including but not limited to:
  • Selling Inks
  • Making Darkmoon Cards
  • Making Relics
  • Glyphs
  • Making Flasks
  • Transmutes
  • Blacksmithing
  • Enchanting Scrolls
  • Selling Leather
  • Selling Leather Gear
  • Selling Leg Armor

You name it, I tried it. Totally the wrong system and I thank "Taze" for waking me up. My best gold making avenues over the last few weeks are:
  •  Blacksmithing
    • Crafting plate PvP gear
    • Ebonsteel Belt Buckles
  • Jewelcrating
    • Prospecting Ore for gems to be cut or transmuted
    • Crafting gear for DE
  • Inscription
    • Crafting Glyphs

Funnily enough all the things I wrote about in different articles over the last two weeks. Maybe I should start listening to myself, I don't know what Freud would think about that probably:

 From error to error, one discovers the entire truth.

So to sum it all up, if you have the time make gold out of everything, go for it but and here it comes if you do not have the kind of time to invest in using all professions individually to make gold then stick to what you know you can make gold from. Use you professions together by all means i.e. craft some JC greens and send those to your enchanter or prospect ore and send the common gems to the alchemist for Shadowspirit Diamond transmutes.

If you only play the AH then this is irrelevant for you but if you like to play the game, to raid, to do dailies and heroic's etc then stick to your markets and make your gold.

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  1. Hi again Smudger - I'm beginning to think we share the same brain! lol I did a post about this exact problem last week - too many options & possibilites, just not enough time to tackle them all. I need a plan of attack & one is slowly forming but I'm still jumping around :) Luckily I do have a lot of play time for now but I'm sure that will end soon :(

  2. Lol, To prove that I just posted on your blog as you were posting here........

    Kinda realised that something wasnt right when I was constantly relogging last night and sat thinking, this isnt suppose to be like this!?

    I am cutting back on enchanting, darkmoon cards, leatherworking and I am going to stick to JC, transmutes and glyphs. If it aint broke dont fix it eh :)

    Didnt see your post last week, my bad.

  3. lol - & just been googling to try to work out how to leave the link, hope you don't mind me testing it here! last week's Problem post.

    As for last night, I spent most of it sorting enchants, gems & glyphs for guildies, got a lot of stuff to do today if I ever manage to stop reading various blogs!