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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Flask Master AH results

If you saw my post from yesterday Writers Block and Flask Master then you will know how expensive it has become to make flasks since Cataclysm hit. This said the flasks are selling really quick.

I logged in last night and picked up my mail on my Alchemist from which I did the test yesterday and all flasks had sold. Admittedly this is Wednesday night, probably THE main raiding night of the week.

I still think that flasks are not worth it at the moment and as seen above the 6 extra sales were Mythical Mana Potions which sold for 39g each. Which are a decent earner aswell.

Bringing the totals to:

Total Made from flask sales 4,868g
Total Materials cost             4,631g

Profit                                   237g woop ti doo

In all fairness I think if you check the market beforehand and snap up the cheaper herbs to make Flask of Steelskin or Flask of Flowing Water and sell those I think you could make a nice bit of gold but the market for these is very limited of course.

Always post on the main raid nights, on my server they are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. One point to make is that the flasks have only a 1 hour duration so that will help sales if you can make them for the right price.

Although I think they are not worth it I still believe there is gold to be made, even out of a disfuntional profession like Flask Master. As always you have to learn your markets trends and adapt to those. If you do this you can make flasks profitable even in the current state.

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