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Monday, 10 January 2011

Go PvP to earn gold from JC

Dont forget guys, this is my server that normally has around 45k auctions up at any one time. If we are being honest the bottom has already fallen out of the normal Rare Gem Jewelcrafting market. Inferno Ruby's are the only ones holding their own but still only hovering around 120g each for Bold and Brilliant cuts.

The PvP gems on the otherhand are mostly worth more than their PvE counterparts. The following screenies show the current gem prices on my server.

Mystic Amberjewel

Steady Dream Emerald

Lucent Ember Topaz
Willful Ember Topaz
Resplendent Ember Topaz

Stormy Ocean Sapphire

Enigmatic Shadowspirit Diamond
Destructive Shadowspirit Diamond
Effulgent Shadowspirit Diamond
Forlorn Shadowspirit Diamond
Impassive Shadowspirit Diamond

The meta gems are the main sellers, most players that used Chaotic Shadowspirit Diamond have had to pick up a PvP gem due to the ridiculous requirements that it has. This is soon to be changed see Interesting new changes!! but til then the PvP meta gems sell like hotcakes.

Gems that are PvE/PvP i.e with a  + Stamina aspect also sell very well as you can see on the screenshots. Some PvE gems are worth more but they are also the ones that are cuts that are not so popular or class specific ones.

The PvP gems are my best sellers at the moment as seen in my Elementium Ore and my 24* hour Project post.

I am not saying sell PvP gems and metas only but next time your about to buy a pattern check out the PvP gem prices and competition on your server aswell.

As always check your server and market, I personally believe that there is more gold to made out of the PvP market as people start to pick up better gear. Better gear = more gem slots = more demand for PvP gems. Most Jewelcrafters will not have PvP cuts due to aquiring all the popular PvE ones first and therefore gimping their gold making potential substantially. "Niche Market" is an overused term but at the moment this currently is one of the few really profitable ones.

Check put my Blacksmithing Project posts starting with Profession change!! Now, where did my gold go? for more PvP related gold antics.

Thanks for reading and I know some people will have a different opinion so I welcome the comments

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