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Saturday, 22 January 2011

PTR 4.0.6 and Gold Making Addons

As far as I can see the PTR hasnt broken any of my addons.....yet. A couple of LUA errors due to Quartz but TradeSkillMaster seems to be working fine as does Skillet if people are still using that.

Quick word on TSM, possibly with the exception of Gnomeworks the worst looking colour scheme ever, get Zero to do the skin ;).

The Crafting UI will be very good but:
  • is very plain
  • some tables need lining up
  • has no item rarity differenciators
  • items show as spells and not crafts when hovered over
As you can see most of my gripes are aesthetic or personal taste and apart from a few minor niggles the addon seems to be coming along nicely. Change the colour scheme or give us a few extra skins and I personally will be happy as a sandboy.

I am certain that any potential banana skins will be ironed out by the time its up for a release version as they have a top group of guys/gals working on it. Thanks for the work, it doesn't go unnoticed and is appreciated.

If you want to check out a guide on using TSM, I suggest checking out Zoxy's TradeSkillMaster Addon Guide, a well written and informative post.

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