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Warcraft Corner

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Dont forget the Cookies

A tip most of you experienced Gold Makers know but for the newer guys, dont forget the Fortune Cookies for which the recipe Recipe:Fortune Cookie is available at 525 cooking skill for 5 daily tokens.

If the market for Mysterious Fortune Cards is dropping as on my server and if, like me, you are quite ethical about "scamming" warcraft players out of their gold then this is a decent way to give them something aswell. +90 stamina and +90 to their best stat is very nice buff food and has the added bonus of recieving a Mysterious Fortune Card.

Not everyone will have this pattern due to it requiring 525 cooking skill so the competition is normally less than for Mysterious Fortune Cards and you dont need to bark like a market trader on a Saturday morning to sell them.

Mysterious Fortune Cards are around 10g on my server but Fortune Cookies are more than double the price at the moment.

Good luck with your ventures.

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