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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Is flipping still viable?!

We have had more new players entering the game since "The Shattering" and the start of Cataclysm. Some of those players do not yet really understanding the mechanics of gold making and selling on the Auction House. People selling world drops for cheap on the Auciton House has led me to pick up a few hot gold makers.

I am going to put a few images up, the quality isn't too good as I didn't have much time today to edit the pictures. A green box is what the current going rate is or what I have sold them for and a red box is what I purchased the item(s) for or what todays minimum buyout is.

The following image contains 9 blue items from todays Auction House scan:

As you can see, nice items for very little gold. If you are starting out on your flipping career then these are brilliant items to test the water with.

The next image is of some rarer items I have already flipped. You have to be lucky to get some of these for those prices but they are available.

There are alot of bargains out there to be had. As I mentioned, with new players coming into the game the world drops appear on the Auction House frequently for very little gold. If you utilize the "resale" scan function on Auctioneer or another addon you use then you could pocket some easy coin.

If you are looking for a list of items which should be in your snatch list then I suggest checking out Items you should have on your Snatch list over at The Consortium Forums.

The Auction House is by far and away the fastest and easiest way to make gold if used correctly.


  1. Of course it is! I still buy low and sell high (or high"er") everytime I hit the AH. Consistent goldmaker for sure. Right place, right time, everytime.

    I have noticed that gear sits a while before sales (unless its level 85) so be prepared to lose some AH listing fees (take that into consideration on your buyout or "snatch" prices), but for a safe bet, you cannot go wrong with recipies! Rock on, Smudger!

    ALTOs Gold"ish" Advice- The Worst WoW Blog Ever!

  2. I'm always on the lookout for items like this to flip. I usually find a few every day. However, I find flipping mats to be generally safer and more consistent.

    For example, rugged leather gets listed in uneven stacks from newer players and often at 60-70% value even in stacks. I buy all I can for below 80% value on the weekends and hold til Wednesday when I can re-list at 110% value and sell out in a day. Good money.

  3. Thanks for the replies guys,

    I love flipping, its how I started to make proper gold. There is always something in demand, I picked up a rainsong for 50g the other day for my shammies OS but thought id sell it as it went for 600g.

    Nicely does it.

    Nice little tip there Kammler, something I should maybe check on my server.

    Flipping is easily my favourite wow pasttime.

  4. Thanks!

    I started the same way you did, with some rares and high end greens. But the AH fees and multiple posts were killing my margins.

    I rarely flip armor or weapons now. I find good, steady income on trade mats--Rugged Leather, Medium Leather, Wool Cloth, Enchanting mats, Primals and Eternals mainly. I turn about 5k/week from just these.

    If you have an Enchanter, look in your AH for green armor for levels 75-80, item levels 160-180 or so. I find a lot for 5g to 25g. They DE for Infinite Dust, 2.5 to 7.5 per item. The dust I'm then listing in the AH in stacks of 5 for 22.50/stack to 30g/stack depending on what is already there.

    Supplies of Dust and Abyss Crystals are very low now due to no one doing Northrend content. I usually buy all the Inf Dust below 3g/unit and relist for 4.5g to 6g each, flipping them same day.

    Or Abyss Crystals can be Shattered into 7-10 Dust or 6-10 Greater Cosmic Essence. If you can get the Crystals for below 20g each you will make more profit than from DE'ing greens. Problem is I need the Crystals for my scrolls so I bypass that profit since I make so much more from the scrolls.

    Hope that helped some.

  5. Hi Smug i didn't really started flipping ting in Ah and i am still in the phase i sell what i got in quest,farming whatever ,but nice tip there form all this comments and topics thanks mates.

  6. I agree with Kammler regarding weapons and armor. They don't sell quickly on my realm and between the rather high AH listing fees and the amount of bag space they take up I tend to focus on raw mats. The only reason I'll buy a weapon to relist is if it is a rare or epic for level 85s that I know will sell or if I just intend to DE it and sell the mats.