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Friday, 28 January 2011

Dalaran Pets for a quick buck

First of the bat I would like to thank people for reading my Blog. Its been a month since I started Warcraft Corner and I am enjoying every minute of it. Please follow me, like me, tweet me and basically what ever the hell else "me" you can.

Most of the experienced gold makers make alot of gold from lazy players. One way is by selling vendor attained items.

My friend Breanni sells a few pets in Dalaran which still make a nice profit on the Auction House. Check it out.

Relatively expensive prices but with access to Dalaran being gimped it is still an opportunity to make a quick buck. Here are my beancounter stats for the pets:

I have just noticed that beancounter says 50g per pet. which is correct but dont forget using a Character that is "Exalted" with Kirin Tor will get you the pet for 40g.  I have also noticed that my newly installed (10 days old) TradeSkillMaster tracker shows the prices to be higher which is fine by me.

Not a get rich quick scheme but with a bit of patience you can make tidy sum out these three pets alone. There are more option for quick sales in and around vendors and I'll may post about that soon if I am unable to find a suitable post that has already been made.

Enjoy your WoW today guys.

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