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Thursday, 30 December 2010

And the hits/gold just keep coming :D

Whoever Larry is/was i'm as happy as him. My running BS project keeps rolling on.

I have been using my Volatile Fire farming method to good effect and am able to pump out quite a few items after just over an hour of farming late on in the evenings.

The Elementium Bars I am using are what were left over from my 20k BS powerlevelling investment. Out of interest I used mysales to see how much in total I have made back and it reported 17,564g from all BS sales which leaves me close to breaking even which has surprised me. As I stated when I started in my Profession change!! Now, where did my gold go? post I would have been happy to take a 10k direct hit powerlevelling this profession.

It can only get better I imagine as more and more people get their alts to 85 and start wanting crafted gear for their toons.

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