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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Day after the deed!

Hey guys,

What I made for my BS levelling up has already started making me some gold back. Only sold the bits I made and made a few thousand gold back.

Bloodied Pyrium Boots
Bloodied Pyrium Shoulders

The worst part of this are the Volatile Fire requirements. These are so expensive on my server, between 20-65g each depending on the time of day. I have been using my Transmute: Living Elements on my alchemist to convert Volatile Life ---> Volatile Fire by doing it in the Mount Hyjal zone.

I only require one more skill point to then be able to make the Bloodied Pyrium Breastplate and the Bloodied Pyrium Helm these should fetch a pretty penny.

Definately a way for BS to make some gold and earn easy skill ups aswell.

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