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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Volatile Fires and a few thousand gold

Hey guys,

So my BS project if you can call it that seems to be ticking over quite nicely.

All the PvP Plate DPS items require 10 x Volatile Fire Which as I mentioned before is quite expensive. I took it upon myself to farm some in Mount Hyjal.

Check out my in detail post "Volatile Fire Farming Spot

Heres the spot used and there are four spawn points marked on the map. Now, once fished the points take around 10 mins to respawn. I filled this time either fishing Mountain Trout or killing the Magma Giants which also have a chance to drop Volatile Fire. If you use a Potion of Treasure Finding you may get lucky and have recieve a few Tiny Treasure Chests on the way. These contain a few gold, Embersilk Cloth and sometimes a random amount of a Volatile.

In about an hour or so I managed to farm about 100 x Volatile Fire which wasnt at all bad. If I wanted to sell them they wouldve have made at least a few thousand Gold and possibly more depending on server prices.


If you want some quick and easy gold plus the added bonus of levelling your fishing go here and try it out. I would advise you to check the server prices to see if its worth it the run out or not.


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