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Sunday, 26 December 2010

$$$ still to be made from WInters Veil

Hey Guys,

I hope you had a nice Christmas Day.

There is still a bit of gold to be made during this last week of "Winter Veil".

1) Small Egg are still selling well in lots of 5.

2) Make Gingerbread Cookie and sell those also in lots of 5.

3) Opposing faction clothing like Red Winter Clothes are still selling as most people have used up their stocks, obviously you need the pattern for this which is gotten from the vendors in the opposing factions city.

4) Winter Boots are still selling well. I ran out of stock of these after about 5 days, they sold better than the clothing, eggs etc.

I personally have picked up a few cheap "winter" pets to sell them in the summer months when they arent available. If you opened your Greatfather christmas presents yesterday you would have also recieved a pet. My advice is to save it/them and sell it for a bit of gold later on in the year.

Have a good boxing day


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